Teaching Opportunities

While the Pharmacology PhD Program has no formal requirement for teaching, there are several opportunities for students to gain experience at teaching, if desired. Students, in their second to fifth year, have given lectures on specific subjects in:

  • Introduction to Pharmacology – a course to MS students in Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Principles of Pharmacology – a course to PhD & MS students in Pharmacology
  • Graduate Pharmacology – a course to PhD & MS students in Pharmacology
  • Topics in Neuroscience: Diseases, Research, and Treatment – a course to MS and BS students across programs

A Certificate in Teaching can be earned

CNDLS has a program called “Apprenticeship in Teaching“. The Apprenticeship in Teaching (AT) program is designed to enhance the preparation of graduate students as teachers. The AT program offers graduate students the chance to participate in workshops and engage in authentic, teaching-related, typical faculty tasks with mentorship from current faculty and CNDLS professional teaching staff. These tasks are designed to give participants increased confidence and preparation for an academic position with teaching responsibilities.