The Stephen and Mary Krop Lectureship in Pharmacology

Dr. Stephen Krop’s association with Georgetown University began in the 1930’s when he was working on the actions and detection of barbiturates in the brain with Dr. Theodore Koppanyi, the first Chair of Pharmacology. After completing his studies at Georgetown he matriculated into the Pharmacology Program at Cornell University where he worked with an internationally renowned pharmacologist, the late Harry Gold. Dr. Krop has held leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry and in what is now the Chemical Defense Branch of the U.S. Army. His most recent career activity was as Chief of the Drug Pharmacology Branch of the FDA, where he served until his retirement.

Over the years, Dr. Krop made significant contributions to the field of pharmacology. He furthered our understanding of the actions and treatment for chemical warfare agents, and he was a pioneer in the chemical detection of drugs in body tissue and the quantification of renal and gastrointestinal functions. Dr. Krop was married to Mary Lulick and has four children: Elaine, Marianne, Paul, and Thomas. Paul and Thomas are practicing physicians in Virginia Beach, Virginia and have been gracious in their support of this lectureship.


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