Curriculum | MS in Pharmacology

10 Months

30 Credits

Regular Track or
Lab Research Track

What You’ll Learn

The general curriculum allows students to explore more than one topic of interest through their elective courses and provides an increase in the breadth of education.

Two tracks opportunities are available: Regular and Laboratory Research. Each of these tracks can be achieved by completing seven or more credits in a single area. Students choose the track upon entering the program.

The Laboratory Research Track gives students exposure to ‘real science’ on top of the experience they already have. In the concentration, students are engaged in a research project and have expert faculty as mentors. Additionally, students are mentored by people with advanced laboratory skills like a PhD student, post-doc, or a research professor.

Near the end of the academic year, students will prepare and present a poster about their research project in the Pharmacology Library. This is an excellent way to learn about scientific presentations and gives the opportunity to ‘bring it all together’ at the end. Go to the Degree Requirements page to view the required courses for the Laboratory Research Concentration.

Students interested in going into a PhD program or laboratory-based position in a biotechnology or big pharmaceutical company are strongly encouraged to choose the Laboratory Research track. Contact the program director to inquire about the Laboratory Research track and research mentor.

Degree Requirements

List of core & elective courses for the degree program can be found here.

Degree Requirements

Course Schedule

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Course Schedule