Curriculum | MS in Pharmacology

10 Months

30 Credits,

Option for
Lab Research

What You’ll Learn

The curriculum consists of two components: core courses focused on pharmacology, biochemistry, and physiology, and elective courses for each student to tailor the program to their interests.

Students have two options for completing their elective credits: Coursework Option and Laboratory Research Option.

Coursework Option

The Coursework Option gives students the opportunity to tailor the degree to their individual interests through selection of elective courses to take alongside the core courses of the curriculum. In total, students will need to take 7 credits of elective coursework (generally 2 credits in the fall semester and 5 credits in the spring semester). There are a range of different courses to choose from to fulfill the elective credits, both from our department and other biomedical departments at Georgetown.

Laboratory Research Option

The Laboratory Research Option gives students the opportunity to engage in a research project for the academic year and have expert faculty as mentors. Students interested in going into a PhD program or laboratory-based position are strongly encouraged to choose the Laboratory Research Option. Additionally, students are also mentored in the lab by people with advanced laboratory skills like PhD students, post-docs, and research professors.

Near the end of the academic year, students doing the laboratory research option prepare and present a poster about their research project. This is an excellent way to learn about scientific poster presentations and gives each student the opportunity to ‘bring it all together’ at the end.


List of core & elective courses for the degree program can be found here.


Degree Plan

Example of full-time student degree plan for fall and spring.

Degree Plan