Programs of Study

The Department of Pharmacology and Physiology is home to four unique and competitive graduate education programs. Each program has its own separate admission and curricular requirements. Students are encouraged to research each one extensively before applying. 

The Ph.D. Program in Pharmacology

The Ph.D. program in Pharmacology is a research oriented degree designed to train scientists for independent research careers. A large number of faculty from across the campus serve as mentors for Ph.D. thesis research.

The M.S. Program in Pharmacology 

The M.S. Program in Pharmacology is designed to prepare students to enter a variety of careers including research and medicine. This program offers both research and non-research options.

The M.S. Program in Physiology 

The M.S. Program in Physiology is designed to prepare students for careers in medicine and dentistry, as well as the allied health fields, and furthering careers in research.

The Special Master's Program in Physiology 

The Special Master's Program in Physiology is specifically designed to prepare students for medical school and to strengthen their applications.