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In addition to advising provided within our program, our graduate students have access to all of the Biomedical Graduate Education student resources. Resources include 1-on-1 career coaching, professional memberships, mentorship program, seminars, academic assistance, and many other resources to enrich your academic experience.

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Program Policies

This program follows the academic rules and guidelines established in the Graduate School Bulletin in addition to our program policies below. If a student has questions regarding academic or other policies in the Graduate School, they should first refer to the Graduate Student Bulletin and the program-specific guidelines listed below before speaking with the Program Director or Program Coordinator.

  • The student is responsible for registering for classes and must register himself or herself for all course work during designated registration times.
  • The student is responsible for reconciling all outstanding charges on their student accounts prior to registering for courses or applying to graduate. Unreconciled accounts will place a hold on registration and/or graduation. The student should contact student accounts for assistance.
  • During their last semester in the program, the student must apply to graduate.
  • Students with personal or academic performance issues should contact the Program Director.
  • Students requesting a letter of recommendation from the program should contact their assigned letter writer.
  • Students needing a letter of enrollment verification should contact the Program Coordinator.

  • To graduate, the student must complete 30 credits of graduate coursework, including all required courses and approved electives, with a B (3.0) or better average. G2 ABS students must earn a B (3.0) or better average in the courses taken in the MS program to qualify for the MS degree. The GPA from the G2 ABS program does not contribute to your GPA for the MS degree.
  • Students cannot take more credits than are required to graduate. Very limited exceptions may be allowed at the discretion of the Program Director, such as when a student’s chosen elective or 2 or more credits will bring the student’s credit total to 31 overall instead of 30. Additional 1-credit electives beyond the 30 credit total will not be allowed.
  • Grading policies for each course are available on the course syllabus.
  • Failures:
    • Failure in one course: course can be remediated at the discretion of the Program Directors. The student should speak to the Program Directors immediately to discuss arrangements. In the case of failures resulting from an academic integrity issue, the student will not be allowed to remediate, which may ultimately result in his or her dismissal from the program.
    • Failure in more than one course: immediate dismissal from program per the Graduate Student Bulletin.
  • Withdrawal from a course or leave of absence (LOA) from the Program must be discussed with the Program Director if the student wishes to remain in the program. For an LOA, the official Student Petition for Change of Graduate Program form must be completed and signed by appropriate administrators, and the requirements for return to classes (if any are noted) must be met prior to reentry and registration. An LOA of up to one year may be allowed at the discretion of the Program Director.