Tuition and Financial Aid


  • At this time the program cannot offer application fee waivers.


  • Tuition is subject to change each academic year.  For current tuition rates please visit the Tuition and Fees (new window) page for Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE) programs.  The MS in Physiology tuition is included in the category “Master’s Tuition” and the rate is per semester
  • Full-time students pay a flat tuition fee per semester while part-time students pay per credit hour.  Payments are due in two installments at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Estimated Cost of Attendance (new window) information, including estimates for apartment rental and commuting cost, for determining Federal loan amounts can be found on the website of Georgetown’s Office of Student Financial Services. Please look under the “Biomedical Graduate Education” header.
  • Georgetown University does not offer tuition waivers or need-based grants for graduate education. Our department does not offer assistantships.


For new full-time students entering in the Fall semester who are US citizens or permanent residents, there are significant merit-based scholarship opportunities (new window) for high-achieving applicants to Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE) at Georgetown University. 

Important note: Applications for each of these scholarships are due two weeks after your application submission date (the date on which you submit your application through the online portal and pay the application fee). Click below for full details, eligibility criteria, and application instructions.

  • Hoyas for Science (new window) (for applicants whose personal experiences, challenges, or background can contribute to the diversity of the biomedical graduate education community at Georgetown)

More information on other available scholarships (new window)

Financial Aid

  • Financial aid for the MS in Physiology program is available in the form of both federal and private loans. It is recommended that you begin the process of applying for financial aid as soon as you are accepted. Generally graduate students take out loans to cover the full cost of tuition and living expenses for the full year of the program (see Estimated Cost of Attendance). Due to the rigor and intensive nature of the program, we strongly discourage students from attempting to work part-time during the program.
  • Students accepted to the Summer George Squared cohort of the MS in Physiology program who are applying for financial aid will also need to fill out a Georgetown University Graduate Summer Aid Application, which can be found at the bottom of the How to Apply for Financial Aid page.
  • Financial aid for MS in Physiology students is under the purview of the Office of Student Financial Services on the Main Campus NOT the Medical School Financial Aid Office. If you applied to and were wait-listed at Georgetown University School of Medicine, and filled out financial aid forms from the medical school, you must fill out additional forms on the main campus. It is important that you do so, otherwise your financial aid could be seriously delayed, resulting in you not receiving aid until October or later.
  • For more information on financial aid, and to obtain the appropriate forms, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at 202-687-4547.