Neuroscience 701 & 702

 Restricted to students in the MS Programs in Pharmacology or Physiology

Neuroscience 701  –  Seminars in Neuroscience (1 credit)
Neuroscience 702  –  Research Presentations in Neuroscience (1 credit)

These courses are identical. Sign up for 701 first. If the student has taken 701, he/she can take 702. The requirement for each of these courses is, over the course of the semester, attend 12 seminars (see below) and submit a 1-3 paragraph summary of each seminar.

There are several seminar series that can be used for this.  You can use any mixture that suits your interest.

Tuesdays, noon, NE401 Med/Dent   Leading scientists from around the country will present their latest research.  Schedule for Tuesday seminars

Thursdays, noon, NE401 Med/Dent Students, faculty, and invited speakers will present their latest research.  Schedule for Thursday seminars

Fridays, noon, NE401 Med/Dent: The most recent research results from laboratories at Georgetown will be presented.  The presentations are from PhD students in the IPN Program.   The schedule for these seminars is HERE.

Requirements for students:
This course involves attending 12 seminars during the course of the semester.   You can choose which 12 to attend.   After each seminar you attend, write a concise summary of the seminar, noting what are the main questions being addressed, what are the methods used, what results have been obtained and what are the main conclusions to this point.   Many of the seminars will be ‘works in progress’, so there won’t be a complete story.  Try to keep your summaries under a page.  Two, or three paragraphs are fine. The subject line of the email should read YourLastName DateoftheSeminar nsci701 (or 702)      e.g.  LastName 03/09/15 nsci701 – note the format of the date.

One last thing:  Take notes with pencil and paper, not a laptop.  Many people have complained about the tapping throughout the seminar.