Pharmacology 605

Cross-listed with PBIO-529
Instructors: Thomas Sherman, PhD and Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD

See current syllabus for time and place of course – PBIO529 (2 credits) PHAR605 (3 credits)
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Description: This course examines a range of topics on human nutrition, including macronutrients, micronutrients, the effects of diet on health, and claims and evidence for use of megadoses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for treating specific health conditions. The emphasis is on evidence-based nutritional information, utilizing the medical and epidemiological literature to analyze the impact of food, diets and nutritional supplements on human health. The class will also address food preparation and cooking to facilitate the adoption of nutritional principles into your diet. Special topics include breastfeeding, exercise nutrition and sports supplements, the nutrition of beverages, genetically modified foods, prebiotics & probiotics, , the science of dieting, the evolutionary origins of the human diet, and the endocrinology of adipose tissue and obesity. 

Grading is based on the performance of several assignments, a paper and a final exam.

PHAR605 requires a research paper