Kenneth L. Dretchen

Professor and Chair
Department of Pharmacology & Physiology

Ph.D., Pharmacology
University of Iowa, 1972
(202) 687-7007 

The research in my laboratory has been directed towards three major areas. The first deals with chemical and biologic threat agents. I was a member of the team of experts that designed antidote kits carried by the United States Military for use in case of exposure to chemical weapons of mass destruction. These kits are also carried by First Responders and stored in the U.S. Strategic National Stockpile. Furthermore, our laboratory developed a series of probes based upon DNA analysis that will be used by the Department of Defense for the identification of anthrax and dengue fever. Currently we are developing probes that can be imbedded in a device attached to an iPhone for the identification of sexually transmitted diseases in third world countries.

The second area of research deals with the identification and quantification of renal excreted metabolites of the major antidepressant drugs such as Abilify. We are attempting to correlate the level of these metabolites with the orally administered dose. This is critically important since it will help the physician determine issues of drug compliance and under or over dosing patients.

The third area represents a long standing collaborative effrt with Dr. Richard Gillis to better understand the neural pathways in the brain the control the gastric activity of various parts of the stomach and small intestine.

Selected Publications: