Master’s in Physiology

The Master’s in Physiology (“regular” program) is a one-year, non-thesis, pre-health master’s degree program designed as an opportunity for pre-health college graduates to strengthen their competitiveness and readiness for medical school, dental school, allied health programs, or PhD programs in the biomedical sciences. Students are challenged with a rigorous curriculum and receive expert advising and support from our medical center faculty. Our students are alumni of a diverse range of undergraduate institutions (large and small, private and public) from across the United States, and while most majored in science, we also welcome students from non-science majors who have completed all of the pre-requisite courses for medical/dental school. Learn more about eligibility on our How to Apply page.

Admissions Events

For prospective applicants to the “regular” MS in Physiology for Fall 2021 and beyond, we will be hosting monthly online admissions chats starting in November 2020.

Please RSVP to be added to our prospective students group and receive an invitation to the next admissions chat.

We also offer information sessions by request for student groups and science classes.

Which MS program?

Learn the differences between our MS in Physiology (“regular” program), SMP (Special Masters Program), and programs

Program Comparison

Advising & Next Steps

We are dedicated to supporting our alumni in the pursuit of their goals.

Alumni Success

How to Apply

Learn about the application process and requirements specific to the MS in Physiology (“regular” program).

How to Apply


Information about core required and elective courses for the MS in Physiology.


For more information, contact Mary Wells, Senior Academic Coordinator, at or (202) 687-6012.