MS in Physiology

The MS in Physiology is an academic enhancement program for strong science students (BS or BA) who have already completed pre-health science requirements. The program is a one-year (10 month or 12 month) non-thesis program designed to prepare students for careers as health professionals in medicine, dentistry and the allied health professions, as well as careers in biomedical research, education and administration. This is not a "special" master's degree program because our curriculum does not include first year medical school classes.  However, all of the program's courses are medically relevant graduate courses taught by Georgetown University Medical Center faculty. In many cases, the same faculty who teach in the medical school also teach our courses. The program includes both group-based advising and 1:1 advising from medical center faculty who are experienced interviewers for Georgetown University's Medical School. The program provides students a letter of recommendation for professional school or a PhD program. Online and distance learning are not available.

Research is not a requirement or a focus of the MS in Physiology program.  However, for MS students who show a keen interest and aptitude for research, elective research opportunities may be offered on a very limited basis and with approval from the Program Director.  

A quick comparison of the two programs:


"Regular" MS in Physiology

Special Master's Program

Curriculum Flexibility

10 credits of elective courses

0 elective credits

Schedule Flexibility

10 month or 12 month curriculum

Fixed 10 month curriculum

Program Size

~40 students

~185 students

Open to all Pre-Health Students


No - Only those pursuing MD/DO

Average Applicant GPA



MCAT or GRE Required


Yes (MCAT)

Degree Earned

MS in Physiology

MS in Physiology

*International students must complete the program as full-time students within 12 months.

Program Contact Information:

Mary Wells
Senior Academic Coordinator
(202) 687-6012

Department of Pharmacology & Physiology
Georgetown University Medical Center
3900 Reservoir Road NW
Washington, DC 20057

Department office: Med/Dent SE402
Directions to the Department of Pharmacology & Physiology