Pharmacology Timeline


Summer 1 -  Enter July 1
Fall 1  -  ~September 1
Spring 1  -  ~January 1
Summer 2 -  ~June 1
  • Full-time in lab, either thesis or 4th rotation
  • Begin plans for writing an NRSA (for Aug 8th, Dec 8th or April 8th)
Fall 2  -  ~September 1
Spring 2  -  ~January 1
Summer 3 -  July 1
  • Continue thesis research
Fall 3    
  • Continue thesis research 
  • Discuss with your mentor and your committee plans for your first manuscript submission.  Focus your experiments on manuscripts.     
  • Attend Seminar and Journal Club
Spring 3
  • Continue Thesis Research
  • Give your annual seminar and have a meeting of your thesis committee.  If you haven't yet submitted your Thesis proposal, do it now. How close are you to a paper?
  • Send in your thesis committee meeting FORM
  •  Attend Seminar and Journal Club
Summer/Fall/Spring 4 etc.
  • Thesis committee meets every year (FORM) coincident with  your Annual seminar
  • Expect to submit your first manuscript before the end of you 4th year
  • Attend Seminar and Journal Club

1. Schedule a Thesis Defense Seminar: With Program Director for approval, room scheduling & website update

2. You must Apply to Graduate (no more than 3 months in advance)

  • Note that this needs to be done before the 1st of April for a May graduation. 
  •  Your application expires in 3 months or when a new semester starts, whichever comes first. Be sure you have already submitted your Thesis Proposal (should have been done in 3rd year).
  • If you don't graduate in that time window, you must Apply to Graduate again. 

3.  Go to this website for info on all the stuff you must do to graduate. 

  • Scroll down to PH.D. DISSERTATION. 
  • This website has 'Guidlines for Thesis Writers' and 'Thesis Template'

4. At least a week before your defense, submit the  'Dissertation Reviewers Report'.  

Note, at the bottom of this form it tells you to email your abstract to and include your full name, title of your dissertation using the word DISSERTATION in the subject line.

5. Before the defense see Barry Wolfe for a Thesis Ballot and print a Thesis Cover Sheet both to be signed at defense.
          Note:  Thesis Cover Sheet no longer needs to be on bond paper.

6.  After completing the correctionssubmit thesis electronically

7.  Now you have to turn in the ETD Release form (Electronic Thesis & Defense)

8.  Also the SED form (Survey of Earned Doctorates)

Note:  The Graduate School does not want YOU to turn in the Thesis Ballot personally.  Please bring this to your program coordinator and they will submit it for you.