The Department will host a retreat at Prince William Forest Park all day on Friday, May 10, 2019.  The evening before will be used to socialize and have a gourmet meal.   The retreat will be at Camp Orenda (Camp 3).     DIRECTIONS are here

The schedule for the retreat this year:

Thursday, May 9

5:00   -   Refreshments and socializing

6:30   -  Gourmet BBQ dinner by Barry and Patrick

7:30   -  Socializing

Friday, May 10

8:30  -  Light Continental Breakfast and State of the Department 

9:00  -  Brief rundown on Department Programs - Improvements to core courses and addition of electives
           -  Journal Club/Seminar Style courses for MS and PhD students;  Can this synergize with deep dives for meds?
           -  Should we advertise the thesis MS?  Faculty interest?  Timing?
           -  Seminars - students, postdocs, faculty, invites, named lectures

10:00  -  SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) for the future of the Department - What do we need for long-term success?
             -  Stefano - research
             -  Students
             -  Postdocs

11:00  -    Planning for the future: Continuity of teaching and programs  etc.

11:30  -  Program Expectations
            -  Small groups - Try to identify areas we are doing well and areas that need to be fixed

12:00  -  Break  to prepare food

12:30  - Lunch - Ethics discussion

2:00  -  Other business

3:00  -  Clean up