Research Rounds - The focus of Research Rounds is the research projects ongoing in faculty labs. Most Fridays at noon in the Pharmacology Library (NE401 Med/Dent) a faculty member, a postdoc, or a student will present a 10-20 min talk. In this talk the person will outline recent results in his/her lab, or a grant or paper that was recently funded/not funded/submitted/accepted. The purpose of Research Rounds is to generate scientific discussions and interactions amongst the faculty, postdocs and students. These discussions should push forward ongoing research.

Research Topics - The purpose of Research Topics is for a faculty member, a student, or a postdoc to present a scientific topic, perhaps from a recent paper, in 15-20 min that is interesting. The topic may not be related to ongoing research. These interactions are meant to raise the intellectual atmosphere of the Department.

Fridays at noon - Pharmacology Library.