Required Courses

The course work in the first year focuses on pharmacology and physiology. Knowledge of biochemistry is also expected and a placement exam is given in August. If needed, a biochemistry course should be taken during the first year. A minimum of 24 graduate level credits are required to advance to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree. Electives can be taken in the first three semesters of the program, but are not required.

Summer 1
Fall 1
Spring 1
Fall 2
Spring 2
  • Electives, if needed
  • PHAR-987     Makes you a full-time student
Fall 3
  • PHAR-999-01     Makes you a full-time student
Spring 3 etc.
  • PHAR-999-01    BGE will do this for you automatically until you graduate

This schedule allows significant time for concurrent research rotations.