Natural Products

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Natural Products - Herbs were once the core of medicine and pharmacology, and about a quarter of drugs are derived from chemical entities in medicinal plants. Herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements are very popular, pharmacologically-active products. Students will be introduced to pharmacognosy (the pharmacology of natural products), nutrition, the risks and benefits of dietary supplements, and the role of natural products in healthcare. Knowledge gained in this concentration will be useful for students interested in careers in research, clinical practice, pharmacy, public policy or industry. Seven credits can be obtained by taking PHAR604, PHAR605, & PHAR607. 

PHAR604 - Medicinal Plants and Pharmacognosy (3 credits fall - Fugh-Berman) 
PHAR605 - Advanced Topics in Nutrition (3 credits spring - Sherman & Fugh-Berman) 
PHAR607 - Nutraceuticals, Herbs, and Health Care (1 credit spring - Fugh-Berman & Sherman)