Getting Started


Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE) will have an orientation in late August.   Directly following the BGE session, the Department of Pharmacology will have a lunch and hold an orientation session in the Pharmacology Library (NE401 Med/Dent) from 12:30 p.m to 2:00 p.m.

 International student orientations are the week prior.  The Georgetown Graduate School also has an orientation geared towards the whole school - with a welcome BBQ.

All students who will be involved in the Laboratory Research Option need to attend basic radiation safety and laboratory safety. These should be done before, or as soon as possible after, you begin working in the laboratory. The schedules are found on the EHS website. If you will be working with radioactive materials (check with your mentor), you also need to attend GURAM worker training. The schedule for these sessions is also on the EHS website. If you will be working with animals (mice or rats) you need to attend an orientation session at the DCM (Department of Comparative Medicine) in early September.

Student ID Card

You will get your ID card known as your GoCard on the first day of orientation. The office is located in the Leavey Center, inside the bookstore.

E-mail Account

If you do not receive information about your email account prior to arriving, you can go to University Information Systems office to open your email Georgetown account.


You will register for classes during the summer using MyAccess.  Instructions will be posted in the Google Group for accepted students.  See the Pharm website for the courses you will take.  If you are unsure of which courses to take, please contact Mary Wells ( to discuss various options.

University Map

To help you locate buildings, here is a MAP of Georgetown University. The Medical Center is on the north side of campus (click the little circle next to Medical Center to the left of the map and click the + to zoom in once.
The Department of Pharmacology is in the Medical Dental building which is a four story brick building on the north side of campus on Reservoir Road. The Department office is on the fourth floor in the southeast wing (SE402 Med/Dent).  C104 Med/Dent, referred to above, is in the central corridor on the first floor.