Students who receive their MS in Physiology are prepared to pursue further education such as medical school, dental school, and PhD programs as well as to enter the workforce.  Students in our program receive world-class advising for the allied health professions, as well as career counseling.  All students who matriculate into the program are assigned a letter writer who will write a letter of recommendation to any schools applied to, as well as act as a reference for any jobs applied to.  We work very hard to give the most current and up-to-date advising possible, for whatever the needs of our students are.

Medical/Dental/allied health advising:
The faculty and staff associated with the MS program are extensively trained in the medical school and dental school application process. The program includes both group-based advising and 1:1 advising from medical center faculty who are experienced interviewers for Georgetown University's Medical School.  

All students interested in pursuing medicine are required to take our Biomedical Career Pathways course.  Biomedical Career Pathways is a lecture-style course consisting of presentations on study and survival skills for students pursuing biomedical careers and alternative pathways for careers in medicine. Students attend study skills workshops, interviewing skills workshops, presentations on military medicine, primary care medicine, osteopathic medicine, and complementary and alternative medicine, as well as presentations on career pathways for specialty and subspecialty medical training. 

We work to get students into programs all over the county.  We have no official linkage programs, but we work with individual students on their goals and advise them on the best strategies to get to where they want to go.

Career Counseling:
All biomedical graduate students have access to our Office of Career Services.  This office is designed to help students network, find jobs, and be prepared for the application process.  There are workshops for CV writing, interview skills, as well as many other services.  Free headshots are available to all students as well.  More information about this great resource can be found here: