Our Students

Would you like to refine your interest in human physiology and earn a Master's degree from Georgetown University while living in Washington DC, one of the most exciting cities in the country? If yes, then the we encourage you to apply to the MS in Physiology program in the Department of Pharmacology and Physiology!

MS in Physiology students are are strong science students interested in earning a Master's degree to enhance their potential for careers in medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, research, or a variety of professions requiring an extensive background in biomedical sciences (e.g., patent law or science policy).

Successful graduates of the GeorgeSquared (G2) Advanced Biomedical Sciences (ABS) Certificate program may apply all course credits earned in the ABS program to an MS in Physiology to earn their MS in as little as one semester!  If you are a G2 ABS Certificate student click here for more information.

All applicants must meet the minimum requirements set forth by the Graduate School and our program specific requirements: 

  • Completion of all pre-health course requirements including two semesters each of biology, chemistry, organic chemistry and physics, each with lab.  Biochemistry is preferred but not required.
  • Required minimum undergraduate GPA 3.0. Recommended minimum undergraduate GPA 3.3.
  • MCAT or GRE is not required for admission, however we encourage students to report scores of tests taken.