Pre-Approved Elective Coures

MS in Physiology

Students in the MS in Physiology program must complete 10 credits of elective coursework.  We require pre-med students to take PBIO 602 Biomedical Career Pathways as one of their elective credits. 

All of the elective courses listed below (categorized by the semester in which they are typically taught) are pre-approved by the program director. Students are welcome to take courses not on the pre-approved list by seeking approval from the program director before registering for the course; you can search the Schedule of Classes to see what is offered each semester.  To gain approval, current students should email the course description to the program director.  Some courses may also require approval from the instructor or from the department to which it belongs (ie, Physiology students may not have registration priority for courses in other departments).  Even if the program director approves a course as an elective to count toward your MS in Physiology degree, your ability to enroll in the course is at the discretion of the course instructor and the department/program to which the course belongs.

Check Schedule of Classes (Main Campus) for current and future semester course offereings; current students can also view the schedule on MyAccess. 

Note: Electives may not be offered every semester or could be offered in different semesters than those listed below.  Also, please pay attention to course numbers as some restricted sections have similar names to those below but have a different course number.


  • PBIO602  Biomedical Career Pathways (required as elective credit for all pre-med students)
  • PHAR534  Ethical Issues in Scientific Research 
  • PHAR584  Introduction to Pharmacology
  • PHAR630  Redox Signaling & Free Radical Biology
  • CLTR501  Introduction to Biostatistics in Clinical Research 
  • MICB606  Public Policy for Scientists (Permission of Instructor & MICB dept required)
  • NSCI425  Topics in Neuroscience: Diseases, Research & Treatment (Taught by PhD students)
  • NSCI521   Functional MRI: Theory & Practice  
  • NSCI558   Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration  (Permission of Instructor Required)
  • TBIO508   Cellular and Molecular aspects of the Transformed Cell (Permission of Instructor & TBIO dept required)
  • TBIO523  Cancer Epigenetics
  • TBIO525   Cancer Genetics 
  • INNS520  Translational Neuroscience (Permission of Instructor required)


  • PBIO529   Human Nutrition and Health (cross-listed with PHAR605)
  • PBIO699   Learning Design & Science Education
  • PBIO906   Research in Physiology (2 or 3 credits; students must be approved by the program director)
  • PHAR510  Neuropsychopharmacology (offered if sufficient demand - speak with Dr. Kellar)
  • PHAR592  Introduction to Toxicology 
  • PHAR604  Medicinal Plants and Pharmacognosy 
  • PHAR605  Advanced Topics in Nutrition (cross-listed with PBIO529)
  • PHAR607  Dietary Supplements: Healthcare 
  • PHAR840  Systems Concepts and Drug Safety
  • PHAR842  Regulatory Pharmacokinetics 
  • CLTR506  Study and Clinical Trial Design 
  • CLTR507  Epidemiologic Methods 
  • CLTR700  Aspects of Drug Development 
  • BCHB515  Intro to Bioinformatics
  • BCHB522  Drug Targets/Drug Design
  • MICB705   Science Diplomacy and World Health  
  • TBIO536   Cancer Pharmacology 
  • TBIO588   Preparing a Scientific Paper (Permission of Instructor required)
  • INNS531  Neurobiology of Drug Addition  (Permission of Instructor required)


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