Elective Courses

MS in Physiology

Students in the MS in Physiology program complete 10 credits of elective coursework.  We require pre-med students to take PBIO 602 Biomedical Career Pathways as one of their elective credits. 

A list of pre-approved electives for MS in Physiology students is available here.

​​Current course descriptions and course availability can be found in the Schedule of Classes.

Students may choose from a variety of graduate-level science and science-related elective courses offered by the Department of Pharmacology and Physiology or by other departments at Georgetown. Please note that elective courses offered by other departments/programs may require instructor permission before enrollment, even if pre-approved as electives for MS in Physiology program; this is usually due to enrollment priority for that department/program's own graduate students.  Please see course listings in the Schedule of Classes for details on enrollment restrictions. 

Research as an elective course (PBIO 906 Research in Physiology) is available to a limited number of students for 2 or 3 elective credits during the spring semester only dependent upon approval from the Program Director.  Please note: research as an elective is not available in the fall semester for MS in Physiology students.  Prospective students interested in a research-focused program may want to consider applying to our MS in Pharamcology program in which all elective credits can be taken as lab research in both the fall and spring semesters.

Examples of M.S. in Physiology student elective courses (2018-2019)

Important Notes: The below list of elective courses is meant to be a representative sample only.  Inclusion of a course in the list below does not guarantee its availability in future semesters, that it will be offered for the same number of credits, that it will have a similar class size, that it will be approved as an elective course for future MS in Physiology students, or that course restrictions won't change to preclude registration by MS in Physiology students.  Course restrictions are notated in the individual course listings in the Schedule of Classes

The preliminary Fall 2019 course listings will be available in April but departments will continue to make changes to course listings (adding and deleting courses, changing restrictions, etc) throughout the spring semester as they finalize their offerings.  Admitted students for Fall 2019 shouldn't begin researching possible elective courses / drafting their course schedule until May at the earliest.

An updated list of pre-approved elective courses for MS in Physiology students is provided on our website. Approval of any other course to be counted as a elective toward completion of the MS in Physiology degree is at the discretion of the Program Director and approval must be sought by each interested student for the semester in which they're enrolled.  Some courses may require permission of the instructor in addition to approval by the Program Director.  

Fall 2018

Course Title Class Size

CLTR501 - Intro to Biostatistics in Clinical Research (3cr)


MICB549 - Infectious Disease & Conflict (2cr)


MICB612 - Immunology (3cr)


NSCI701 - Seminars in Neuroscience (1cr)


PHAR584 - Intro to Pharmacology (1cr)


PHAR588 - Drugs, the Brain, and Behavior (3cr)


PHAR604 - Medicinal Plants & Pharmacognosy (3cr)


TBIO508 - Cellular & Molecular Aspects of the Transformed Cell (4cr)


TBIO523 - Cancer Epigenetics (3cr)


Spring 2019

Course Title Class Size

BCHB522 - Drug Targets & Drug Design (2cr)


CLTR700 - Aspects of Drug Development (3cr)


CLTR507 - Epidemiologic Methods (3cr)


MICB803 - Biosafety, Biosecurity, and Biodefense (2cr)


MICB705 - Science Diplomacy & World Health (2cr)


NSCI701 - Seminars in Neuroscience (1cr)


PBIO529 - Human Nutrition & Health (2cr)


PBIO540 - Western Practice of Eastern Medicine (1cr)


PBIO699 - Learning Design & Science Education (2cr)


PBIO906 - Research in Physiology (2-3cr)


PHAR593 - Topics in Epilepsy (1cr)


PHAR592 - Intro to Toxicology (1cr)