Elective Courses

Students in the MS in Physiology program complete 9-10 credits of elective coursework. Students may choose from a variety of science and science-related elective courses (e.g., ethics) offered by the Department of Pharmacology and Physiology or by other departments. Please note that elective courses offered by the Tumor Biology Department (TBIO) require instructor permission before enrollment, even if pre-approved by the MS in Physiology program.  Please see course listings for details. 

Research as an elective course (PHAR 906 or 907 Research in Pharmacology) may be taken for elective credits during the spring semester pending approval from the Program Director and budget allowance.  Spaces are extremely limited and may not be available each year due to budgetary restrictions. Students interested in research as an elective should speak to the program coordinator. 

Many elective courses are pre-approved by the program director.  

For a list of pre-approved elective courses click here

Students may elect to take courses not on the pre-approved list after approval by the program director. To gain approval, current students should email the course description to the program director.

Additional popular pre-approved courses include:

Available summer elective courses:

​​Current course descriptions and course availability can be found in the SCHEDULE OF CLASSES.