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MS in Physiology

Admissions Event

For prospective Fall 2020 applicants, we will begin admissions chats and campus visits in November 2019; you can RSVP here to receive an invitation to our future online admissions chats.

The application for our Fall 2020 cohort is open and admissions will be done on a rolling basis begining in November 2019.  Please note that submitted applications cannot be reviewed by the admissions committee until they become complete (including receipt of all letters of recommendation).  Please carefully follow the application guidelines and instructions below to ensure that your application materials meet the expectations of the admissions committee.


All applicants must meet the minimum requirements set forth by the Graduate School and our program specific requirements: 

  • Successful completion of all undergraduate pre-health course requirements including two semesters each of biology, chemistry, organic chemistry and physics, each with lab.  It is preferred that applicants also have taken Biochemistry, but it is not required.

  • Required minimum undergraduate GPA 3.0 (cumulative of all undergraduate coursework across all undergraduate institutions attended). Recommended minimum undergraduate GPA 3.3.

  • MCAT and GRE are not required for admission to the regular MS in Physiology program, however we encourage students to report these scores if they are available.

Application Deadline: may 15th

The application deadline is May 15th for the cohort starting in the Fall semester; application materials should be prepared according to the detailed guidelines below to ensure that they meet the expectations of the admissions committee.

(Summer and Spring start dates are only open to graduates of the ABS program applying through the George Squared partnership; click here for G² transfer admissions information.)

Admissions for the MS in Physiology program are done on a rolling basis beginning in November.  Once an application becomes complete (all materials received, including transcripts and letters of reommendation), the application will be reviewed by the admissions committee, and we strive to return decisions within four weeks (at maximum) of an application becoming complete.  We encourage prospective students to submit their applications early; we begin issuing decisions as early as mid-October for the following fall.

Applications should be submitted and completed (all materials received) by the deadline noted above.  Applications submitted by the deadline but not complete by the deadline (ie, missing transcripts and/or letters of recommendation) will be considered as space permits.  

Be sure to check out the scholarships available through the Office of Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE).  Scholarship applications are due to BGE two weeks after the submission date of your M.S. program application.  (Your program appplication submission date is the date on which you submit your program application and pay the application fee.)  Due to this timeline, you will be submitting your scholarship applications before receiving a decsion on your application.

How to Apply:

The MS in Physiology program follows the steps outlined in the Graduate School's Application Procedure and Application Requirements Checklist.

When completing the online application, please select the Physiology and Biophysics - Regular Program (M.S.) program and choose Fall 2019 as the Entry Term. 

(For graduates of the ABS program applying through the George Squared partnership, please adhere to the below guidelines and also click here for G² transfer admissions information and deadlines.)


1. Georgetown Graduate School Application Form (online).  

*** Select carefully the Physiology and Biophysics - Regular Program (M.S.) in the list of program options and choose Fall 2020 as the Entry Term.

  • Application fee (we are unable to offer fee waivers at this time)
  • Academic Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement
    • Approximately 500-1000 words; normally one page but not to exceed two pages (please be succinct)
    • For those who have previously applied to medical school, you are welcome to submit the same/similar essay that you previously submitted to AMCAS.
  • Full CV/resumé including all of the following:
    1. all work (clinical and non-clinical), research, volunteer, intern, shadowing, and observing experiences with dates and responsibilities/descriptions clearly noted
    2. all shadowing and observing experiences should additionally have number of hours and practitioner names clearly noted
    3. cumulative GPA for each educational institution listed
      • cumulative GPA: all coursework, not just coursework in your major field of study
      • The required minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA for our program is 3.0. The recommended minimum cumulative GPA is 3.3. We calculate cumulative GPA from all coursework completed across all undergraduate institutions attended.
    4. Minimum acceptable font size is 11pt.  If necessary, please allow your CV/resumé to span more than one page in order to include all requested details while maintaining font sizes and spacing that facilitate readability.
    5. When applicable, items in each section of the resumé should be ordered chronologically with the most recent experiences listed first, which is the most common way to organize a resumé.
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation or a committee letter packet.  
    • All applicants have the option to submit up to three letters of recommendation, but only two are required
    • At least one of your letters must be from a science professor who had you as a student in a science class, unless you are submitting a committee letter packet.
    • If you only want to submit two letters but the application system makes you enter three letter writer names, you can enter "Not Applicable" for the third letter writer and this will be corrected by our admissions staff internally.  If you have questions about this, please contact
    • For students applying from the G²​ ABS Certificate Program, your first letter must be from your assigned ABS letter writer.  The second letter can be from a source either inside or outside the ABS program (e.g., an undergraduate professor, a science/health care related employer or supervisor, or a committee letter packet from your undergraduate institution), with preference for science professors and those who have supervised or observed your work in a clinical/medical/science environment.  Applications without a letter from an ABS program letter writer will be considered incomplete regardless of the number of letters received from other sources.

2. Unofficial transcripts (official transcripts will be required only if offered admission to the program)

  • Applicants are required to upload to the application system unofficial transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended. Please do not send electronic or paper copies of your official transcripts before receiving an offer of admission. For additional details review Admissions FAQ.
  • For students applying from the G² ABS Certificate Program: In addition to any undersgraduate or graduate institutions attnded before starting G², please enter George Mason University as the institution you attended for your ABS Graduate Certificate and upload your unofficial transcript from GMU.  Do not enter Georgetown University as an institution attended for the ABS Graduate Certificate.

3. MCAT and GRE are NOT required, however we encourage students to report these scores if they are available.  Unofficial MCAT and GRE score reports can be uploaded into the online application system or sent to to be attached to an application.

4. Students with an International Degree: Applicants must meet the requirements outlined by the Graduate School, including minimum scores on the TOEFL or IELTS exams. We require international school transcripts to be evaluated for equivalency with U.S. Standards even if the transcripts are in English. The preferred place for this evaluation is the World Education Services (WES). WES charges a fee and requires an original transcript sent directly by the school.  Please have WES send their evaluation directly to the Office of Biomedical Graduate Education at the above address; do not choose the default address for Georgetown Graduate School in the WES system. International students applying from the G2ABS certificate program should apply to summer program immediately following completion of their certificate to maintain the full-time student status necessary for their F1 visa. Note: the TOEFL code for Biomedical Graduate Education at Georgetown University is 5244.

5. There are no additional application requirements specific to the M.S. in Physiology program.

For more information on scholarship opportunities, tuition fees, and more, please refer to our Biomedical Graduate Education Admissions & Financial Aid Page

If you have questions about your application contact:

Office of Admissions for Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE)

You can also visit the BGE website.

If you have questions about the "Regular" MS in Physiology program, please contact:

Mary Wells
Coordinator, "Regular" MS in Physiology
(202) 687-6012