Welcome G2 ABS Certificate Students!

Welcome GeorgeSquared (G2) Advanced Biomedical Sciences (ABS) Certificate students interested in continuing on to earn a MS in Physiology degree!  One-hundred percent (100% ) of the 20+ credits earned in the G2 ABS Certificate program, including electives, can be applied to the MS in Physiology program.  We are the only MS program that accepts 100% of ABS credits. As a result, you can earn your MS in Physiology in one summer, in the spring semester as a full-time student, or in two semesters (fall and spring) as a part-time student. International students applying from the G2 ABS certificate program should apply to summer program immediately following completion of their certificate to maintain the full-time student status necessary for their F1 visa.

All ABS students must register for the 3 required courses (8 credits). Students transferring 20 credits from the ABS program will also need to take one elective course (for a total of 10 or 11 credits).  Students transferring more than 20 credits from the ABS should only register for the required courses. For example schedules for summer, spring, and fall entries into the MS program, please see our Example Schedules tab.

Required Courses (8 credits):

1. PBIO568 or PBIO603 Pathophysiology (3 credits; offered spring & summer)
2. PBIO907 Physiology Library Research (2 credits; offered all semesters)
3. PBIO569  Neurophysiology  (3 credits; spring & summer)

Elective Course (2-3 credits):

Available here.


Fall 2018: apply by May 15, 2018; program starts August 27, 2018
Spring 2019: apply by November 1, 2018; program starts January 7, 2019
Summer 2019: apply by May 15, 2019; program runs June 10 - August 9, 2019


Determined by the current Biomedical Graduate cost per credit hour. To calculate tuition = (cost per credit hour) x (# of credits). For current Biomedical Graduate cost per credit hour click here.

Financial Aid:

Students Financial Services Office

Message for current G2 ABS Certificate Students:

The Director and Program Coordinator of the MS in Physiology program will come to GMU to speak with you about the MS in Physiology program and the application process for G2 ABS students. You do not need to apply before then. 

How to Apply:

Completion of the ABS program does not guarantee acceptance in to the MS in Physiology program.  Students who earn a C in either Anatomy or Physiology will not be admitted to the MS program, regardless of earning a 3.0 in the certificate program. G2 ABS students must apply and be accepted into the MS program.  To lean how to apply click here