Welcome G² ABS Certificate Students!

If you are a prospective student interested in the GeorgeSquared program, please click here to go to George Mason University's program website.

Message for current  ABS Certificate Students:
The Director and Program Coordinator of the MS in Physiology program will come to GMU to speak with you about the MS in Physiology program and the application process for G² ABS students. You do not need to apply before then. 

Application Deadlines & Program Dates for G² ABS Alums:

  • Spring 2020: apply by November 1st, 2019; program starts January 6, 2020
  • Summer 2020: apply by May 1st, 2020; program runs June 8 - August 14, 2020 (please see below for special summer calendar information)
  • Fall 2020: apply by May 15th, 2020; program starts August 24, 2020
  • Spring 2021: apply by November 1st, 2020; program starts January 11, 2021

G² ABS students must apply and be accepted into the MS program.  Completion of the ABS program does not guarantee acceptance into the MS in Physiology program.  Students who earn a C in either Anatomy or Physiology will not be admitted to the MS program, regardless of earning a 3.0 in the certificate program.  To learn how to apply click here

Application notes for G2 students:

  1. Enter George Mason University as the degree-granting institution you attended for your ABS Graduate Certificate (the institution from which the official transcript will be sent).  Do not enter Georgetown University as an institution attended for the ABS Graduate Certificate; entering Georgetown as a second institution for the ABS Graduate Certificate will trigger the system to await a transcript from Georgetown, causing your application to remain incomplete after all of your other application materials have been received. Your transcript for the ABS Graduate Certificate comes from George Mason University only.
  2. Your first letter of recommendation must be from your assigned ABS letter writer.  The second letter can be from a source either inside or outside the ABS program (e.g., an undergraduate professor, a science/health care related employer or supervisor, or a committee letter packet from your undergraduate institution), with preference for science professors and those who have supervised or observed your work in a clinical/medical/science environment.

Credit Transfer:
One-hundred percent (100% ) of the 20+ credits earned in the ABS Certificate program, including electives, can be applied to the MS in Physiology program.  We are the only MS program that accepts 100% of ABS credits. As a result, you can earn your MS in Physiology in one summer, in one spring, or over two semesters (fall and spring).  International students applying from the  ABS certificate program should apply to the summer program immediately following completion of their certificate to maintain the full-time student status necessary for their F1 visa.  All G² students are required to complete official credit transfer paperwork and provide full transcripts showing conferral of the graduate certificate in order to transfer their credits from GMU to Georgetown.

Course Registration:
All ABS students must register for the 3 required courses (8 credits). Students transferring 20 credits from the ABS program will also need to take one elective course (for a total of 10 or 11 credits).  Students transferring more than 20 credits from the ABS should only register for the required courses. For example schedules for summer, spring, and fall entries into the MS program, please see our Example Schedules tab. Course registration will be done via MyAccess before the start of your selected entry term.  Instructions will be posted in the Google Group for admitted students.

Required Courses (8 credits):
1. PBIO568 or PBIO603  Pathophysiology (3 credits; offered spring & summer)
2. PBIO907 Physiology Literature Research (2 credits; offered all semesters)
3. PBIO569  Neurophysiology  (3 credits; spring & summer)

Elective Course (2 credits):
Available here.

Note: Students in the MS in Physiology program are not permitted to add extra elective courses beyond what they need to graduate. We do allow exceptions in the Fall semester for students to reach the minimum enrollment status to qualify for Federal financial aid, or if your preferred elective course is 3 credits but you only need 2 credits of electives to fulfill your requirements.  Any questions on this can be directed to the program ccoordinator.

Determined by the current Biomedical Graduate cost per credit hour. To calculate tuition = (cost per credit hour) x (# of credits). For current Biomedical Graduate cost per credit hour click here.  Fall and Spring semesters follow the main campus' fall/spring schedule of dates for add/drop, withdrawal, and full/partial tuition refunds.  However, the summer semester follows the below schedule:

Summer Refund and Withdraw Schedule, Summer 2019, G² MS in Physiology*

First Day of G² Summer Classes

June 10, 2019

Withdraw deadline for 100% Refund

June 17, 2019

Withdraw deadline for 80% Refund

June 18, 2019

Withdraw deadline for 70% Refund

June 23, 2019

Withdraw Deadline for 50% Refund

July 2, 2019

Last Day for Withdraw with Partial Refund (40% Refund)

July 6, 2019

Last Day to Withdraw, 0% Refund

July 17, 2019

Last Day of G² Summer Classes

August 9, 2019

* This schedule applies only to the following G² MS in Physiology summer courses: PBIO 569, PBIO 603, PBIO 907, and PBIO 529.


Financial Aid:
Students Financial Services Office