Tuition and Financial Aid


  • At this time the program can offer no application fee waivers.


  • Tuition is subject to change each academic year. Current tuition rates please visit the Office of Billing and Payment Services webpage or the Tuition and Fees page.  Full-time students pay a flat tuition fee while part-time students pay per credit hour.  Payments are due in two installments at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Georgetown University does not offer tuition waivers.


Financial Aid

  • Financial aid for the MS in Physiology program is available in the form of both federal and private loans. It is recommended that you begin the process of applying for financial aid as soon as you are accepted. 
  • Financial aid for MS in Physiology students is taken care of through the Office of Student Financial Services on the Main Campus NOT the Medical School Financial Aid Office. If you applied to, and were wait-listed at Georgetown University School of Medicine, and filled out financial aid forms from the medical school, you must fill out additional forms on the main campus. It is important that you do so, otherwise your financial aid could be seriously delayed, resulting in you not receiving aid until October or later.
  • For more information on financial aid, and to obtain the appropriate forms, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at 202-687-4547.