Degree Requirements | MS in Pharmacology

Students are required to complete 30 credits of coursework, including 23 credits of required courses and 7 credits of elective courses.

Students can choose a concentration of Laboratory Research or Neuropharmacology by selecting 7 credits of elective courses focused in an area.

Students choosing the general curriculum can select from the recommended electives are listed below to tailor the program to fit their interest.


   4 Required Courses (23 credits)

   2-3 Electives (7 credits)*

*Students with a concentration have a selective list of elective courses to choose from. See below.

Required Courses

PHAR 611: Principles of Pharmacology 
4 credits | Fall Semester

PBIO501: Fundamentals of Physiology
5 credits | Fall Semester

PBIO534: Cell and Molecular Physiology
4 credits | Fall Semester

PHAR504: Graduate Pharmacology 
10 credits | Spring Semester

Laboratory Research Concentration

PHAR 906: Research in Pharmacology 
2 credits | Fall Semester

PHAR 907: Research in Pharmacology 
5 credits | Spring Semester

Fall Electives

PHAR 584: Introduction to Pharmacology

PHAR 588: Drugs, the Brain, and Behavior I

PHAR 604: Medicinal Plants and Pharmacognosy

PHAR 630: Redox Signaling & Free Radical Biology

PHAR 901: Tutorial in Pharmacology

PHAR 906: Research in Pharmacology

CLTR 501: Introduction to Biostatistics in Clinical Research

MICB 606: Public Policy for Scientists

NSCI 521: Functional MRI: Theory & Practice  

NSCI 558: Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration

TBIO 508: Cellular and Molecular Aspects of the Transformed Cell

TBIO 523: Cancer Epigenetics

TBIO 525: Cancer Genetics 

INNS 520: Translational Neuroscience*
*Permission from Instructor Required

Spring Electives

PBIO 529: Human Nutrition and Health 

PHAR 510: Neuropsychopharmacology 

PHAR 589: Drugs, the Brain, and Behavior II

PHAR 592: Introduction to Toxicology

PHAR 605: Advanced Topics in Nutrition

PHAR 607: Dietary Supplements: Healthcare

PHAR 840: Systems Concepts and Drug Safety

PHAR 842: Regulatory Pharmacokinetics

PHAR 907: Research in Pharmacology 

CLTR 506: Study and Clinical Trial Design

CLTR 507: Epidemiologic Methods

CLTR 700: Aspects of Drug Development

BCHB 515: Intro to Bioinformatics

BCHB 522: Drug Targets/Drug Design

MICB 705: Science Diplomacy and World Health

TBIO 536: Cancer Pharmacology 

TBIO 588: Preparing a Scientific Paper* 
*Permission from Instructor Required

INNS 531: Neurobiology of Drug Addiction* 
*Permission from Instructor Required