The Theodore Koppanyi Lectureship in Pharmacology

Dr. Theodore Koppanyi was the youngest graduate in its history when the University of Vienna granted him a Ph.D. in 1923, and he was still not thirty years old when he was appointed Chairman of Pharmacology at Georgetown in 1932. With the vigor of perpetual youth he was one of the pioneers who took the newborn science of pharmacology and showed the world that it was not only beautiful to study, but that it held enormous promise for aiding the sick and for probing and understanding physiology and cellular biology. During his career he participated in research that foreshadowed every branch of the modern discipline and he pioneered ideas and concepts that guide the field to this day. In addition, his writings reflect his keen interest in - and respect for - the scientific and historical roots of pharmacology.

Theodore Koppanyi was also one of the most effective and loved teachers at Georgetown. This lecture series was organized by his students and friends to honor him, and we in the Department of Pharmacology are, in turn, honored to be part of it.

Koppanyi Lectures began in 1981 and have included many world-renowned scientists and a number of Nobel Prize winners.  All of the Distinguished Lecturers for this lectureship are shown at the left.