Faculty in the News

Tara Gelb wins the Smulson Award for most productive graduate career.

Georgetown launches a new course in regulatory science.

Biochemist Tom Sherman teaches personal nutrition. Tom Sherman helped reorganize the curriculum for medical school as well as for graduate education. PHAR605

Some Men Lack the Receptor for Snuggling - Dr. Tom Sherman says that some men have a form of the Vasopressin Receptor that makes them less likely to want to cuddle up.

Anti-Epilepsy Drugs in Newborns - Dr. Karen Gale discusses a recent study from her lab demonstrating the harmful effects of some anti-epilepsy drugs when given to newborns.

Pharmed Out - An interview with Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman who runs the PharmedOut Program and has organized a conference, June 14-15, on campus.

The 10 college majors with the lowest unemployment rate - Yahoo News chronicles the majors with the least unemployment. Guess how Pharmacology fares?

Nicotine Slows Mild Memory Loss - A recent study by Ken Kellar demonstrates that nicotine administration can decrease memory loss for some individuals.

ASPET Goodman & Gilman Award won by V. Craig Jordan, Professor of Pharmacology

GU-FDA Collaborative Grant - Dr. Kenneth Dretchen, Chair and Professor of Pharmacology & Physiology is Co-Principal Investigator on a new Regulatory Science and Innovation Center which will improve the way drugs, food, medical devices and other products are reviewed and evaluated. This is a new partnership between Georgetown and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).