For New PhD Students


All students need to attend basic radiation safety, laboratory safety, and GURAM worker training. These should be done before, or as soon as possible after, you begin working in the laboratory. The schedules are found on the EHS website - click on Training Schedule (pdf). Additionally, Biomedical Graduate Education also holds an orientation session.  Following the BGE orientation, there will be a Pharmacology orientation in the Pharmacology Library (NE401 Med/Dent).

Health Insurance

Georgetown covers your health insurance through Gallagher Koster. Prior to arriving, you will have filled out a medical history form which will be mailed to you after admission. During orientation you will have to fill out some paper work to accept enrollment into the program.
You do NOT get visual or dental insurance. However, you do get a dental discount via the Basix program. You can also purchase dental insturance through Gallagher Koster.

Student ID Card

You will get your ID card known as your GoCard on the first day of orientation. The office is located in Darnall Hall.

E-mail Account

If you do not receive information about your email account prior to arriving, you can go to University Information Systems office to open your email Georgetown account.


How to choose your first rotation? This is the trickiest one since you have not arrived yet. Take advantage of the interview to probe faculty as to rotation projects and availability. The more you can learn at that time, the better. After you have decided on coming to Georgetown, use email to contact faculty and students who have rotated in the labs you are considering. Keep in touch with Dr. Barry Wolfe and Dr. Patrick Forcelli and let them know your thought process and your decision.

During the summer, students will be doing their first rotation in a laboratory. By early May, you should begin contacting laboratories that you are interested in working with. By the middle of June, you should have already solidified the lab you will work in. 

Things to consider when choosing a rotation

Once you have chosen a lab, you will need to email Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Forcelli to inform themof who you are rotating with for the summer.


You will pre-register for classes during July. See the Pharm website for the courses you will take. All first year students take the same courses.

Yates Field House

The Program pays for your membership to Yates, Georgetown's athletic facility, for the first two years. Membership begins once you recieve your GoCard.


Students live in various areas surrounding the University. For a look at where students lived in 2010, CLICK HERE