Pharmacology 906/907

Research In Pharmacology

*For Pharm & Phys MS students only*

Course director: Barry Wolfe 

This course is an individualized tutorial in research. The student is paired with a faculty mentor on campus and a research plan is formulated.  Research mentors are found at  (click M.S. Mentors at the top of the page).   If the student wishes to work in a lab other than those listed, permission from the program director is required in advance.   The student is mentored in hypothesis generation, research techniques, experimental design, and interpretation of data. Techniques in molecular biology, radioligand binding, immunotechniques, physiology, and fundamental pharmacology are included which varies depending on the laboratory chosen. Based on data obtained in this course, a research presentation is generated with the help of the mentor. The student then presents, in a poster session, the research project. 

This course is most commonly chosen by an M.S. student completing the Research Option (Area of Concentration is Research). Based on the required courses for the degree, typically PHAR906 (Fall) is taken for 2 credits and PHAR907 (Spring) is taken for 5 credits. This brings the total credits to 30 for the degree and gives 7 credits total for Research, the amount required to satisfy the Concentration in Research. 

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Permission of instructor required