PHAR 611 - Principles of Pharmacology

4 CREDITS -- Fall 

Course Director: Barry Wolfe  

Mon/Wed 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm  -  NE 403 Med/Dent  -  COURSE BEGINS AUGUST 28

This course focuses on the most basic principles of pharmacology and covers, in detail, molecular and cellular drug targets, drug-receptor interactions, agonism, antagonism, drug metabolism, pharmacogenomics, and pharmacokinetics. Quantitative problem solving regarding these topics will be required. An introduction to several important neurotransmitter/receptors and their signaling mechanisms is included.  This course is meant to prepare the student for Graduate Pharmacology (PHAR504) in the spring.

There are two exams (~35% each) and approximately 22 quizzes (~30%).  Quizzes occur at 3:00 to 3:10 and cover the material in the previous lecture.  At least 4 of the lowest scores for each student will be dropped.   For this reason, there are no makeup or late quizzes for any reason.

Good and free reference Pharmacology e-text books 1   You need to log in to Georgetown
Use ctrl F and search for Pharmacology;  Choose either
Katzung, Golan, or Goodman & Gilman – each good texts

 Schedule as a pdf.