David Gortler

Associate Professor of Pharmacology
University of Arizona
Yale University
(202) 248-2777


David Gortler's research examines atherosclerosis, atheroprogression, cholesterol metabolism (including: statin pharmacology and lipid/ LDL/ HDL modulation) and obesity. Dr. Gortler is proficient in the drug development process, the drug approval process, clinical trial design, and is a drug expert and an expert in the FDA review process. Among other reviews, Dr. Gortler was the lead FDA expert and lead clinical reviewer for the Merck SEARCH Trial which compared the safety and efficacy of simvastatin 80mg to simvastatin 20mg. Prior to joining Georgetown, Dr. Gortler was an Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at Yale University, and prior to that he was an Investigational Medicine Scientist at Pfizer Inc.


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